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This game was amazing! Can't wait to play more! Check out my full review and gameplay

Thank you so much for your feedback! The full game is coming in a few months, stay tuned!

Awesome can’t wait to play it! 

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I'm going to be honest, I said this in the video (below if anyone wants to check it out) and I have to say it again: If someone told me that this was a big budget game that was made by a large game company, I would not question it. 

Let me start off by the sounds. The sounds very absolutely terrifying and the matched and even enhanced the surroundings and environments perfectly. You've utilised sounds really well and made the game ten times as scary with them, and it's amazing. The creaks, groans and random sounds of the house were just amazing. Though that's where it becomes its own double edged sword; there were too many sounds being played at once. An example of this is when I started to read the letter where the missing painting was supposed to be kept. 

The sounds, as terrifying as they were, were way too distracting for the concentration on the task at hand to be kept. The other problem about using too much sound is taht the jumpscares; when you take the photo of th chair and the painting and the lady in the corridor were not as scary as they could be. This was because the player would have gotten used to the loud noises constantly playing, so the jump scares were not that effective. It's probably just me being very nit picky, sorry about that. But sound was one of the selling points and just made the experience just that much scarier.

The other thing were the graphics, it was top notch and was really well made. Even the little things like the fringe vignette and the shadows added to the experience.

The level design was great and more than a lot of fully released games would do. You guys thought it through really well and implemented it really well as well.

One other suggestion would be to make it more obvious where to take photographs. Maybe add like a voice line, or thing you need to photograph a little lighter than the rest of the environment. It was a tad bit confusing as to what I had to photograph to progress through the game.

Sorry for this  really long review, but it was overall an amazing game demo, and cannot wait for more! I wish you luck for the next release and for future games! Keep it up!!

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Hello there! Firstly I'd like to thank you for taking your time after playing the demo to give us your feedback. It is really important to hear what you guys think about the game, after all, you are the ones that will be playing it when launched.

Almost everything you've mentioned has been improved, this demo was launched in 2018, and the game has grown a lot since then, so things like hints for taking pictures, or the random ambient sounds, voice lines, mechanics have been completely re-done to enhance the overall experience.

Again, thank you so much for playing it even it's not an updated demo, but it is extremely satisying for us to know that you enjoyed this demo, because it means you will enjoy the full release even more.

We are a small team (2 people), but trust me we are working really hard in order to deliver the best horror experience possible.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

If you are interested, there's a private early access available for our patrons, if you join our patreon you pre-purchase the game as well and you´ll get a steam key when launched.

The full release will be launched in 2021 (Q1)

Million thanks!

Very creepy atmosphere and the idea is awesome. Was spooked the whole time I played this game. 


Thank you so much for playing it! The full release is coming!

Can't wait. Do you have a time frame or it's still unknown?

Q1 2021 :)

Wow! The level of polish in this is so much more than you see in a typical demo. Can’t wait to see the full release! 

Thank you so much for your kind words, and playing it! We are glad you enjoyed the demo. The full game will be launched in a  few months, stay tuned!

I WANT MORE OF THIS GAME! The only bad thing about it is that it's so short being a demo and all :( I played this game on my channel so check it out if you're interested in playing!

woww! thank you so much! we are still developing it, and believe me, it changed A LOT. The experience has been enhanced, and the gameplay is now more smooth and fun. And of course horrific as well. Thank you so much for playing it and stay tuned for more!


Can't wait to replay the FULL game on my channel. You all keep up the good work on this great game!

I'm very impressed by this demo, the atmosphere is excellent!!

Thank you so much! the full game is coming in a few months, stay tuned!


Brutal sounds and great graphics, very immersive! Congratulations

Thank you so much!! Stay tuned for the full release! It's coming!

Amazing demo!! Can't wait for the full release ;)

Here's the gameplay!

Thank you so muchh!! it's coming! Get ready!


In the last week, I've played 31 indie horror games from and I have to say, this one gave me one of the biggest jolts. Definitely, in my top five. 

Care to give a couple other recommendations for free games? The top 5 you mentioned?

This demo was amazing. Graphics, controls and story are  nice . Can't wait to try out the full game once it is out... however i am still wondering about this locked door... maybe there was a way to open it?

Check out my playthrough here:

The attention to details on this game was terrifyingly awesome, the ambience and sfx  and everything about the game is crazy! i can't wait for the full release of the game.

This game is amazing and very terrifying

Here my gameplay in portuguese

I can't wait for the full release of this game. The demo does kind of end abruptly which is a bummer, but thats okay. During the demo you get the basics of the storyline. The movement of the game is smooth and the graphics are really nice.  Feels like the start of a good horror game.

 Good work!! I look forward to getting to play more!

This was the first game I played in this video, and I must say it is very immersive. I felt the horror in this game I really can't wait to see the full version of this,  just thinking about it gives me chills.

Enjoyed the demo. Looking forward to full release. Couldn't figure out the padlock code though.

This game had me freaking out , all the little sounds and creaky noises really immerses  you . Big Thumbs up, look forward to the end product.

This game nails it all, the atmosphere, sound design, creepy environment, fear inducing areas and a damn polaroid camera. I want MORE, so badly, but at the same time, I am unsure if my heart can take it!.


Created by Jaboblu

This game had me on the edge and I was honestly afraid to finish. Great job on the game can to wait to get my hands on the full version. Hope you like the thumbnail I drew up for it.

I seriously hope this is still in development, this shows so much promise! had a lot of fun with it, nice one!

I played this game on my Youtube Channel for my 'Quick Scares' series, check it out!

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I hate demos because they usually just tease my interest, this game is no different. Cannot wait for the full version. But of course, you can check out my playthrough, ya' goons. 

Marshall Mainsails on YouTube

Awesome little taste of what's to come. Love the photo realism in certain elements of the game. Check out my playthrough on Youtube!

Great Work :D

Covered this game a little while ago with my best friend. It was absolutely amazing. "Psychological horror" is an understatement.

After only a few minutes inside this horror indie thriller game - MADiSON - you'll be ready to leave. But REALITY IS CHANGING.  Do you really know what lies beneath? Can you PICTURE the past OR the future?

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Really enjoyed the game,i want more of it ,thought my title counters it lol

Cool game!  I'll definitely get the full version once it comes out. 

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beautiful game and it's been a long time since I played it, is it still in development? When will the full game come out? Will it come out on steam and please pass me the URL of the game? (if it is on the steam page to add it to the wish list)

Hello! yes, we are still developing it! The game will come out later this year on Steam. We don't have a steam page yet, but you can follow our updates on our social media! 

Thank you!

here's my gameplay :D

Thank you so much for playing  it!

Embeded for you.

Hey nice short game , environment is good , i agree ;)

Thank you so much!

Wow this game did a really good job on pacing and environmental play. I do wish the nail on the clock was more obvious. I'm excited for the full game!

Thank you so much for playing it!


please make it not expesive or free i really want to play this full game on steam later. :(

Man, When will the full game come out?  Great work!!! 

In a few months we will launch the full version on steam! Stay tuned! Thank you!

Any updates about early access?

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The early access will be private, it's coming exclusively for our patrons, this month


Oh!!! I'm glad to see your game is till alive! Found this in the frontpage. Go Alexis, go!

Regards, Row "the" Row.


Row, thank you so much!After a few stepbacks, this year will be the year! More alive than ever! Thank you so much for commenting on here! Hope you are doing great!


I'm so proud man.
The gameplay trailer is amazing, both compared to what you guys had at DV and to other indy games.

I love this game a lot, it shows a ton of promise. Keep up the excellent work

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more!

Awesome game, want to play more, really well done ^_^

Thank you so much! Stay tuned, we will launch it on Steam in a few months!

Probably one of the scariest demos I've played on this site so far. Truly horrifying. Well done and I'm very excited to see more!

Thats awesome to hear, thank you so much! Stay tuned! There is much more coming!

This is VERY promising!!

Looking forward for the full game!!!!!!! great demo.

Here is my gameplay , please subscribe :)

Thank you! Stay tuned1 the full game is coming this year!

I really, really enjoyed this. Best free horror game I've played. Nice that there was interacting with stuff and using items. Loved the camera aspect too; thought it was really well done.

Will definitely buy the full game!

Thank you so much! That's super nice to hear.  If you enjoyed this demo you'll love the full game! We are launching it on steam  later this year ! Stay tuned! Thanks

Thank you for a good game! Played it for my youtube channel, but unfortunately video has only Russian commentary. Waiting for a full version to experience that again :)

thank you so much for playing it! The full game will be launched later this year, so stay tuned for more ! 👹🔪

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