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Was very spooked lol

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Highly recommend plaything this! I've got nothing to complain about this extended demo! None what so ever! I'm still getting used to playing on the PC so there are moments when my mouse went crazy swinging left and right randomly. I apologize for that lol PLEASE SUPPORT THIS GAME! THEY DESERVE SO MUCH LOVE! Thank you to the developers and for those who watched my gameplay! XOXO

This is such a great demo that made me want more! Takes place in a very creepy environment with lots of spooky noises. It has a small foundation for a story that actually pulled me in and kept me yearning to get answers! The camera mechanic is very cool as well. I highly  recommend this game, and I hope to see a full version in the future! Here is my experience with it. PLAY THIS DEMO!

De los mejores indies,

New Updated Version ....We are looking forward for the full release of the game ...Great Demo ......

Special Thanks to MADiSON Developing Team to give us the exclusive Key to play Awesome Extended Demo

we will cover full game when Release

So what am i doing wrong? when ever i download this demo its the old one, How do i get to try the updated one?

and here is my 2nd One ;)

I play the first Version of the Demo and try later the new One ;) 

watch my Gameplay to the first Demo

Video random acá:  youtube bla blabla

Naa, mucha suerte con tu proyecto y feliz cumple!

Te añadí acá:

Hi, i'm nuanda1979 from Italy.
My girlfriend got really scared playing it.
Good job, i hope my video will help you collect some more donations!

I'm glad to hear it's still in development. PT really kicked off the "home horror" genre, and its cancellation put so many devs to work, but a lot of the games being made to fill that void are either in development hell or have been cancelled. I really hope you succeed. The work you've done so far is really great.

Great game so, far, excited for what is to come. 

Wow. Never got a chance to play PT so this feels ultra creepy. I'm sold based solely off what I played. Seriously, you devs should be proud of Madison so far!

This was a great demo, I'm not that big into horror games, but this makes me want to see more of this. Keep up the great work!

Madison is such a wonderful host. We can't wait to go back and visit again. She told us that she has so much more to show us.


Great demo makes you want more p.t and Fatal frame vibes were nice I have high expectations for this to be a great game good luck with development

Great little demo of what could be a fantastic game. Honestly, it was a blast to play this game and I will be getting the game soon to experience it in its full glory but I have to say that the lock really annoyed me. I have tried every single combination to see if anything worked and seriously nothing did. I hope there is something behind that small door and I hope I can figure out the combination. I did a video on this game and reviewed it at the end. (Please PM me the damn code lol)

I found the atmosphere scary, and the sounds right on. I just lost a little, and took it out on the game. Do not misjudge me i liked the game, i just got confused, and got angry.

I would like to start off with how much fun this game was and I hope we get a full release soon. The graphics and sound effects are really nice and with that the game puts you in a creepy atmosphere loved it. 

Heres my playthrough: 

This is one of the best Indie horror games I've played, well done developers. You did a great job!

Oh man, is this the continuation of Madison Road?

Sound and ambience was great but holy shit the lock on the small door just never worked, tried every code, nothing.

This game scared my pantaloons off...

Really well done so far. The whole ambience and the sounds are great :D
Also love the effects and what you did with that number lock there.
Only minor issues with the 1.2 build: The pause menu seems to "lose focus" and neither mouse nor keyboard allow input (Windows 10), which upon finishing the game and then pressing esc led to a crash.


Hey! Thank you so much for playing it! And for the feedback! The pause menu is already solved and now has a lot more options in it! Thanks for noticing that! 

Amazing horror game, indeed a Next-Gen indie Horror game. Nice and creepy atmophere, nice play of the mind. Here's 15 Minutes of Gameplay with No Commentary. I'd give this a well deserved 5 Stars.

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This is a great horror game. The graphics are good and the story is very intriguing. Please continue to develop ths game. I cannot wait to see the end product when it is completed! :)

Your game starts at 9:33, saved the scariest for last! Can't wait to play the full game! So happy to see you devs are still working on it after all this time!

Just watched it! Thank you so much! We are happy you liked the game!  New updates soon!

I can't wait! I'm checking regularly! 

Great job created the atmosphere. 

Perfect for #Halloween ! I admit I got scared sometimes and I don't scare easily. Great job

Thank you so much! It's such an honor to scare you! 

That was soooooooo atmospheric. Realistic sounds are really good. 

But I missed jumpscare because I was holding the camera.

Wow! Do not worry! We have a lot more scares coming! ;) Thank you so much for your feedback!

Neat game. I hope to see more of it.


my channel:

watch video here:


5/5 wow! Thank you so much! Trust us you will see a lot more! ;) Thanks!

nice demo

Thank you !

Hello I am Hugo I loved your game and I was left with the doubt of knowing if you can enter the door with a password or is it just for a future game?

Hey Hugo! Thanks for playing our demo! The padlock cannot be unlocked in the demo (unless you figure out the code ;) haha )

Now this is a beast horror game!! I peed a little but thats ok! You guys should make this a full game! 

Hhaha We are working really hard! It will be out in 2019 (or at least we'll try! ) Thanks for playing!

Hell ya! Im excited for it!

I was so scared when I played this game! From the small noises in the background to the sudden jumpscares, it always made me want to quit the game, even though I persevered through it all. The one problem that I have is the text is really small such as with the letter and the picture. I had to lean really close to read it off of my monitor, so if you could have a way to let us read the text, I would really appreciate it. If you love horror games or if you want to get scared, then play this game! 22 / 10! 

Thank you so much for giving it a try! We have much more coming in the full release! 

Do not worry about the text, it is already fixed but thanks for the feedback!

So damn good thus far. Here's my awful face while playing it! 

Haha, believe us that there is someone really awful waiting for you to come! Thanks!

Hola, buen trabajo, espero lo termineis pronto porque me he quedado con toda la intriga 


Muchas gracias! estamos en ello! trabajando como locos para hacer que el juego sea realmente bueno! Muchas gracias nuevamente!

Hello Devs of Madison hope you don't mind me sharing this montage of some youtubers and, myself playing your game. I had the privledge of let's playing your demo when it first came out. Thought it was a cool idea to make a montage showing a certain clip of your game!

We feel super honored ! Thank you so much for taking your time, you are super awesome! Your support means a lot!

Great job! Those jumpscares were just genius, they really got me. I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work dude!

Thank you so much Chris! we have much more coming! Stay tuned! And thanks again!

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