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Wow I played the demo way back when it first came out and I thought this game had been abandoned. Congrats on seeing it all the way through!


Not a bad idea for a horror game, in the demo there really were a little difficult riddles, I'm already waiting for the full version)

Liked the game! It freaked the the hell out of me. looking forward for the full game.

hey guys check out my gameplay. Let me know what you think. I loooooove some good critique

100% added to my Steam Wishlist.  I am here for this!  Super excited for the full game.

hopefully they complete the game, i would love to see more of this, keep up the great work familia 

I love it. Waiting for the complete game.

After i play it, i can't sleep. Perfect game with cool jump scare effects. Love it. 

Gotta say tho there isn't too much in this demo I still loved it. The only question I have/wonder is what type of horror game this will be. I can't tell if this will be a survival Horror like RE or more in the vain of maybe Outlast. Regardless FUN FUN FUN!!

mi au sarit flocii cand m am jucat 🚑🚑🚑🚑

This demo was Absolutely Incredible! Graphics were amazing, and Gameplay was comfortable.


The demo was quite good, too short though

I played this and the slide game..

I don't know how I missed this game for 3 years, but this is a great demo. This video is more focused on comedy than horror but I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. Excited to see the final product. Also only issue I had was if I pressed escape to pause, I didn't have a mouse and had to completely restart the game.

I can’t believe that the demo is from 2017, it plays so smooth and it looks absolutely amazing. I put it on my wishlist and pray to the Elder Gods that the final game comes out soon. Amazing work so far and a great demo as well. Has the right amount of story-teasing, atmosphere, gameplay and some spooks. 

Very cool thanks

THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!!! The sounds were really good but also a little to overdone. I ran into a glitch where whenever I would pause my mouse would become unresponsive. I know this is early access  and I CANNOT WAIT for the full game! Keep up the great work my man!

   - CrazyCheesePuf


This scared the absolute crap out of me! I loved the terrifying atmosphere and the jump scares and the sound design! Everything was awesome and on point! Look forward to the full game! 

love the way how the game looks. but i need to say the amount of motion blur on the polaroid mode makes me sick. nevertheless can't wait for the full released. this is my perspective of the demo 

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Absolutely loved it! Cant wait for the full game


Lovely LOVELY demo! Really looking forward to the full game, it's a 100% definite buy for me. The audio is sublime!


Great fun! Can't wait for the full release! 


Easily one of the best games I'VE played in a while , can't wait for the full version .


This game is too good, need to play the full game!!!

pretty awesome demo, atmosphere had me spooked and it reminds me of p.t. i can't wait for the full release!


Great atmosphere, constantly anticipating something with every step, love a horror game with a few puzzles (although the door code puzzle I failed at), looking forward to the release of this, Nice Work!


I'm scared and play very well


And here’s my walkthrough with a strong Persian accent 😂😂


Demo fantastica!!! Resto in attesa del gioco completo.

is this multiplayer??


nice game bro 
I hope these games continue to come out. ^-^

the demo was pretty cool i cant wait for the release and its on my wishlist right now.

I really like what I see so far and put this on my Steam wishlist. Looking forward to playing the full version. Nice demo!



Excelent demo. I love it!

Hey! thank you so much for playing our old demo! It means a lot! Please take a look at our brand new trailer and make sure to wishlist the game if you like it, that helps us a lot!

Veja a minha gameplay do jogaço madison

Thank you so much for playing our demo! Make sure to check our brand new trailer and wishlist the game if you like it! 

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