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What would you do if you woke up locked in a dark room, with your hands covered in blood? Play as Luca, and endure the brute torture of MADiSON, a demon that has forced him to continue a gory ritual started decades ago, making him commit abominable acts. Will you be able to finish this sinister ceremony?

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Great Job

Uno de los mejores juegos de terror que hemos jugado hasta la fecha. Me ha encantado y me lo he gozado mucho. RECOMENDADO

Amazing game! 

Mi experiencia en español! Hace un año que hice el gameplay, y fue el juego que más miedo me dio por el momento! Me acabo de dar cuenta que nunca hice el post acá. Felicidades por el gran trabajo! (es la primera parte, pero está completo dividido en 5 videos)

Scariest game I have ever played. Here is the full walkthrough!! Also this was the first video to reach over 1,000 views! 

hey, can you let me know when the full game comes out too thanks.

Excelente juego de terror

Scariest game of 2022?

I had a great time playing this game, tons of squeaking, unsettling sounds all the time. Some decent scares, I watched an old playthrough of the demo and I think that version might of been a bit more scary.

I know there is already a full version of the game. I even tried that. I just love the transition from a typical psychological horror game into something where you get chased. This totally changes the overall feeling which I love.

haven't had a chance to play full game but the demo was terrifying enough!

Nice graphics

It was brilliant bringing in the character Hans! when he arrived I quickly discovered that this part is no joke 

Again Dev I have to give it to you on this one this game is awesome! 

im having issues extracting the zip. but ive downloaded both files

You guys really went out on this game I LOVE IT!

História explicada e medonha do jogo de Terror Madison.

Just FYI I didn't play the demo, this is based off of the full release of the game on Steam.

I am REALLY loving the game so far! This has a very truly scary atmosphere and even though I joke around through this video, the feeling you get is always eerie. Good graphics, interesting game mechanics, and a dark twisted history to uncover! Highly recommend the full game to everybody! 


Yea when it comes to horror. It's kind of scary buttt... this is the best game ever ngl.

this game gets more insane by the minute

Short but it made me wanted to buy the full game. The atmospere is there, some little scares are also there, and a hint of the story was also revealed. Good demo! Looking forward to play the full thing!

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It will not work for me please help.

Did you download both files? You have to download both then upzip just the zip file. It with automatically do both.






Okay now that we got that out the way I'm deciding to place this here for the purpose of showing some love for the dev. I feel the more eyes on the video the more I can help spread some love their direction for the release of their game. I've only scratched the surface of this and man.. IMPRESSED doesn't even begin to explain how I feel about the first hour of this game!! What they've done with this project with limited resources, time and money is remarkable. All to cap it off with the fact that this dev squad is only 2 people deep. They should be incredibly proud of what they've accomplished and I'm beyond happy to support. Hope you guys enjoy the video even if I am little over dramatic lol. 

Even if you don't find my video entertaining, helpful, or maybe you just don't like me...that's perfectly fine, I just wanna spread the word that their game has officially released and YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT 

Much Love 

Stay Safe and Stay Positive 


I'm too scared to finish this ngl lol

is a relly boob

Really enjoying the game so far, starting to build up tension and it's slowly getting more and more uncomfortable in this house 

this game is up there with visage, mad props to the devs. you can definitely tell it was a labor of love

Im so happy this game is finally released! Such an awesome game!

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I'm a bit late but finally downloaded and played this amazing demo! Really excited for the full game! Love the backstory and can't wait to learn more. The camera mechanic is very unique and terrifies me lol

What a promising demo!

the graphics were really impressive. Very much a teaser demo not giving much away, but I'm super intrigued for the full release!

Check out my video.

wunderbar und beängstigend, danke dafür Ich freue mich auf mehr !! Vielen Dank und Grüße aus Deutschland

Que onda pejis, voy al grano les dejo un Gameplay en español latino del juego ya que por aquí solo veo gente que habla ingles y ninguno en español en fin espero lo disfruten, bañense Bay.

absolutely stunning work. Can’t wait to play the full thing. I’ll be hopping on it at midnight 👽

visage ?!

This demo was pretty scary! Can't wait for the full version to come out!

What an awesome demo! This game was recommended to me  and I'm so glad . Def going to play this game when it comes out! Great job. 

Awesome demo that uses a camera to take pictures to see things that are otherwise not there. Allowing you to progress and also adds a factor of anxiousness as the game could use stages where you need to take photos to see in the full version. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.

Wow, that is such an amazing intro to the game, the quality and care that has been shown in the demo. I really want to play the rest of the game right now. I  really want to see what way you take the photography mechanics, it was so creepy seeing the way in which the picture changes after you take a snap of it.

I am really surprised that his game did not gather more attention and I came across it by accident. It feels like Lost Between, something that will be absolutely amazing in it’s full release.

I cannot wait to play the rest of the game, and will definitely grab it on release.

que bueno juego! espero que salga pronto la versión completa
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