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 Better than P.T.!  

Thankyou so so so much! :D

Welp. This is why we shouldn't take pictures in dark spooky houses.

Be careful not to attract unknown beings

I try my best!

Absolutely adore what this game has to offer!. Admittedly got stuck like a pleb, But discovered a scare i haven't seen others have. I look forward to further developments!

Thats true! haha thankyou so much! we are happy to know that you liked it :D stay tuned for more!


This was a pretty interesting demo. The atmosphere was quite tense, and I'm grateful there were no cheap jumpscares or sudden deaths.  I'm  definitely piqued by the camera mechanic as well, and I hope to see more use out of it regarding puzzles and whatnot.  

Lastly, I'm very happy there was some lore provided in the demo. Demos often throw you into situations with little to no information about the world itself.  I find a good plot and interesting premise to be refreshing and an important backbone to a game itself  so I hope it'll  get fleshed out.

One question I do have is what happens if you run out of film in the actual game? I'm assuming the game provides  an option to restart the level or something. Another thing I was a bit annoyed by was how to open the doors. I had assumed using items were either automatic or you had to press E to open it. I think adding a prompt stating that  you actually have to use the mouse while interacting with it would be nice to know. Overall,  I enjoyed this despite being a coward when it comes to horror games.  

Great job! ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

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Thankyou so much for taking your time to play it and giving us awesome feedback :D We tried to make the player feel comfortable in the story but at the same time terrified of being there! we gave the right and necessary (in terms of information about whats happening and whats happened), the story has much more to tell, but for that we will have to wait for the final version! Thank you so much for everything! 

PS: if you run out of film (in the demo) you will have to restart the game , with ESC you open the menu. But we have different plans for that in the full version of the game :D

Well wow. This was an awesome demo. Great looking game with a totally scary atmosphere and the sound effects just scares the crap out of you also. Amazing job. Can't wait to see more of this one... :)


Thankyou so much! it means a lot ! :D prepare yourself for the full game ! :D

Great start, really nice work. please just don't make it a cheap jumpscare game, you have a good start with the camera, and puzzles so keep it up. And no rule of 3s XD. 

Hey thankyou so so much! Don't worry! we won't! Soon we will be showing even more! Stay tuned!

This game is awesome and I can't wait to play more :) get atmosphere and sound! 

Thankyou so so much! for playing and uploading your gameplay! stay tuned for more !

Really fun and greatly unnerving as well. Loved the look and the audio.

I'll be hoping to see more of this.

Million thanks CJU!

Truly eerie and entertaining. I would love to play more of this game when it comes out so I'll make sure to stay up to date! Great idea you have here, it's VERRRRY spooky~!

Thankyou so much! Stay tuned for more soon! ;)

Finally a game that kept me on the edge of my seat and made me jump :D Great job with this, I can't wait for the full release :D 

Did a play through of it on my channel :) 

Thanks! we are happy that you enjoyed playing it! Thanks for making a playthrough!

Really good creepy horror game about 12 minutes of gameplay I tohught it was another inspired P.T Demo but really enjoyed it.

Thank you so much!There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that our players enjoy the game!

I try yo play the game on macOS and everything is black... except the rain drops on a glass (which probably is self-emitted as a particle fx). There is no lights in the scene. I am using the latest MacBook pro with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB graphic card, so I don't think it's my hardware's problem. Have you tested the macOS build in any macOS device? Also to run the game I had to chmod +x the executable inside the app/Content/MacOS folder, which it's name is x86. Is this a x86 mac OS build? It should be a Universal or x86_64. I don't think that apple support x86 mac devices.

Sorry for this! We are re-uploading in one hour or so. Thanks for letting us know!

No problem. As a game developer I totally get it :) Keep up the good work!

You were right, it is having a few issues. We will reupload it as soon as possible !

This game was fantastic! Check out my gameplay below if you are not sure if you want to download or not!

Jonny! Thankyou so much for playing it!

I played really fun. Thank you.
정말 재미있게 플레이 했어요 :)

Thank you so much for playing and also spreading the word! It really means a lot!

I haven't played a horror game in a while, and I'm REALLY glad I found this one when I did! I was glad to see that there were minimal jump-scares, and that the game STILL managed to scare me. I want to learn more about Luca and about the house he lived in. And I REALLY want to figure out the combo to that little door! Thank you very much for making this game. I'm looking forward to playing the full version when it comes out. I hope you enjoy the video I made, and take the review I gave at the end to heart. Enjoy! :)

I have no words to thank you enough. Replied on Youtube. Thankyou so much 

It was a great pleasure! Thank you for your kind words! Looking forward to seeing more. :)

Pretty nice job, without a little direction I got lost pretty easily, and had no idea what it was I was supposed to do.  But once I figured out whichever mechanic I was unaware of, then it all came together nicely.  That mystery door has me intrigued.  Is it there just to tease?  Or is there a solution contained in this demo?  Anyway I like the camera mechanic, I would of liked to see it used more, more of what it could be, and having some clue as to why you would randomly take pictures of things contained in the story would be nice.  The graphics of course are beautiful, as are the scary bits :)

well this is how my game looks like  xD. I played this on 32bit system. Any solution or my pc is just to bad to play this game?

wow :/ can you tell me your PC specs, please?

windows 7 32bit, Intel Core i5 480M @ 2.67GHz, 6GB Ram, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 

I will assume that you need at least a 2gb videocard to run our game. Sorry for this

Ouh i see :c thanks for helping anyway!

No problem :) 

Amazingly well made horror Demo!! Really spooked me there a couple of times and the graphics where sharp. The atmosphere and the eerie feel to it was real well made.
I say "HECK YEAH!!" to this one!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

thank you so much! The video is awesome haha we are glad you enjoyed it! Hope to get some support to continue working on it ! Lots of thanks

Finally uploaded my Let's Play of it! Wish I had the patience to solve that Lock though, gave a few potential hints at it, would wonder how close I was.

hey! Thankyou!!! Hope you enjoyed playing as we watching the video! The lock is a midterm😏😏😏it will be solved soon!

It was a good game! :) 

hi! Thankyou!! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for uploading the video !

Are there any plans for a Linux version of MADiSON ?

give us one day to see if we can port it to Linux! :D

The fact you're willing to try is all I can ask. Thank you regardless !

please give us some more hours! 

Take your time. No rush. Thank you for the effort.

How is everyone getting the PNG Madison Logo?

You can download it here!  " download press kit "

This is honestly the scariest game I've played all year. Fantastic game and keep up the good work!

Love the preview of the video! Super haha . Tahnkyou so much for your words, it means a lot to us! We are working so hard on this! Millionthanks!

I can not see. I just see black and thats all, but in videos of others, they are in a hallway or something like that. Why?

Which one did you download? 32, 64 or mac?

Me Too , I can not see. I just see black and

I download the 32Bit Windows 7

can you tell me your PC specs?

windows 7 32 bit

I did not notice that there are 32bit and 64bit version, I downloaded 32bit. I will try the 64bit.

Heres my gameplay of this game. This gave me a good spook and I can't wait for the full game!

Thankyou so much! Awesome video! please stay tuned for more!!

The graphics are fantastic . It seems to have a P.T element to it as things seemed to happened after waiting long enough. can't wait to see more

Thankyou so much for playing it! W are happy you enjoyed it! stay tuned for more!

Amazing demo that almost felt like a full game! So many sound jumpscares to keep you on edge.  Awesome mechanics such as, the use of the camera keep things fresh and, entertaining! There were a couple times I scratched my head wondering what I was suppose to do next. The puzzles weren't too difficult though and, it all seems well rounded!

Thankyou so much for your words! and obviously for playing it! We are anxious to show more of the game in the future

So... can we find the code to the tiny door in this demo? ;)

Awsome Game. More questions in my head :)

This is my gameplay (german)

That code is a mistery itself! Thankyou so much for playing our demo! we loved your video! It means a lot to us!

so is it possible to open or not?

brute force? :D

Astounding work, the visual detail and phenomenal audio design really sell the atmosphere and the addition of little bits of context and story make everything a lot more impactful. The jumpscares are sparse enough that they never feel cheap or overused and the camera mechanics are just downright awesome! As much as I never want to play this again I want to see what else becomes of this story! I'm scared as all hell, but you have me hooked!


Thankyou so so much! Loved the way you played it slowly and with attention! Hope you get to play more soon:D

Very well done! I really liked it and had a lot of fun! Hope to see more soon!

Thanks for all your hard work!

Thankyou so much! We are working so hard in order to release the full game in 2018!

Short but really spooky! Can't wait to see more :D 

We did not want to spoil too much !! Stay tuned for more :D thankyou so much for playing it!

I actually enjoyed this even though the demo is  short. Short may be the reason why i like it lol so that means i get scared  less... haha im a coward. I think the music/background noise kept me alert/scared because I kept thinking someone is there and in my head i'm just like don't look don't look xD. Anyway i think it a good experience to get a taste of what this game could be.  :)

Thankyou so so much! Loved the video! We will be sharing it on our social media! Thanks!

loved it period.

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Thank you so so much for playing it! Stay tuned for more :D

Really good little demo, shows a lot of promise! 


Thank you so much for playing it! It means a lot to us! Hope you get to play more soon :D

Me too, looking forward to seeing more of this!

This game was terrifying!  Thank you for making this amazing demo! Great job! :D 

Guys Guess What I Made Nearly All My Games freee except World 1.0 and The Explorer 3

Because They're My Big Hits

looks awesome and freaking scary!!!



Would of liked some more scares , but this was still the demo, I still liked it very much! Story sounds pretty intriguing as well :D

Thankyou so much for playing it! the video is awesome! :D  We did not want to spoil too much, but believe us the game is backed by a great story! ps: you missed a few secrets haha. Million thanks!

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Thanks for watching it! I noticed while editing I forgot about the little door with the lock :) probably something pretty secret behind there! But definitely when you guys release the full game you got yourself a player here :D Keep up the good work! 

Enjoyed your game so far, would have liked to play more but the atmosphere is really tense, the spooks are there and I love the work you do with the sound effects as well! Not to mention the nostalgia to use the polaroid again, and shaking the picture.

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for completing your project, I'll be glad to play more in the future, cheers!

Many thanks ! we are glad you enjoyed it, we will share your video!

 Thanks again, it means a lot to us! PS: we love the photo!

Thank you for making the game! And also for sharing my video of course. 

I have a secret to make photos like this: spamming the screenshot button till I catch the exact frame in which there's the prey :D

I'm liking the potential. Nice work with the visuals. :) 


Thank you very much for playing it , awesome video! We will be sharing it in our social media :D

Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the full release. :) 

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