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Beatiful! This is one of the best horror games I have ever played! Graphics are great, scares are great! I can't wait until the full GAME!!!

Plz tell me it'll come out soon...

Thank you so much! Actually, we are working hard to launch the game later this year! Stay tuned to our social media! 

Cool! I look forwrd to playing it and getting really scared!

And when you make the game make a story, warm up to the jump scares, no jumpscares until like...10-15 minutes in the game depending how long it is and have a save. Plus, make sure the character is closer to the door to open it.

Also I was surprised it was unity! I've never, ever played a unity horror game as good as that! did u make the pictures follow the character and if it's super good a youtuber might even play it!

Good Luck!!!!

Loved the game man some crazy good atmosphere and graphics 

Thank you!

Hey everyone,
I've played and recorded this demo and damn, it was awesome!
Hoping that we will someday see a full game release of this game. 
Check out my gameplay here : 

Please enjoy!

I've also linked a playlist for more short horror games that I've done! 
Don' t forget to subscribe to the channel, I am trying to reach the next milestone of 300 subscribers!

Thank you very much for your time and I wish you a AWESOME day! 
- Perry

Youtube : LetsplaywithPerry
Twitter : @LetsplayPerry

Thank you so much for playing it!  Hope you had a great time! 


Yes definitely! It was a awesome demo, Looking forward too the full game. 
ps. I hope you enjoyed my video as well. :) 

i hope we get the full gameplay of this game. it was fun!

Thank you for playing it! 


Hey, I want to get through this game since the picture mechanic seems really awesome. However, I have an issue where if I hit escape, the "Resume, Restart, Exit" options appear, however I have no cursor. This happens if I'm in fullscreen or in windowed mode. The cursor is missing and I never seem to be able to resume the game or click on anything (hitting escape again doesn't make the menu go away either). What can I do? Thanks.

Hello! sorry for the late response, this demo does not have support anymore. It got outdated, but we dont want to remove it from internet. The game will be out later this year on Steam!

I've played Madison and make a walkthrough video with voice comments, critics. Hope you will like it.

Thank you so much! we appreciate it!

This was amazing haven't seen anything like that picture mechanic


Thank you! if you liked it get ready to take a lot more in the full game!

This was really good. Super high quality visuals that didn't lag, and the spookiness came from the environmental storytelling and creepy vibes instead of typical jumpscare horror. Is this still being worked on? I'm keen to follow it and wishlist on Steam.


Super glad to hear that! Thank you so much for playing it! The answer is yes! The early access is coming to steam soon! Follow our social media to stay tuned for the announcement!

Are there updates coming to keep us excited!
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I can't wait for this game to come out, the puzzles and the polaroid very well, the black shadows can be illuminated with the camera, I invite you, and everyone to subscribe to my "placebogamer" channel link: Thank you very much to all those who are subscribing and supporting me, I am very grateful ...

Thank you so much! The early access is coming to steam soon! Stay tuned !

I hope you put some touches of 80s VHS

It will suit the atmosphere of the game very 👌

We have some old fashioned technology to play with!


Hi, is there anything coming soon! I played the demo twice and looks awesome

Hello there! if you join our patreon, you'll get access to a sort of private "early access" the next week! It won't be public as the demo. The game will be out later this year! We are super excited 

Hey there! I just played your game! I must say, I enjoyed it and really got scared! I love the atmosphere and how the polaroid mechanic is being done. I really hope this becomes a full game!

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA | Madison - Rycopene


beautiful game like the artwork if the developers would get half a brain the game might actually go somewhere.


Thank you so much for the comment and good vibes. 

Currently we are trying the best we can. The game hopefully will be out soon!  


this is the most brilliant reply ever to a rude comment



Deleted 216 days ago

Will the game be coming this month?


Q1 2020! 

Deleted 216 days ago


Played this game a while back and it really scared the crap out of me!
The amazing graphics and eerie feel makes this overall great horror experience!
Keep on spooking!

the game crashes when i open it :( such a shame .. and i was looking forward to play this

Please give me your PC specs, thanks!

when i installed it i had a gtx 970 and an i3  , now i dont have a pc anymore the power supply and Gpu were gone cus of a thunder 

Deleted 164 days ago

UNLESS IV MISSED IT SOME HOW ... I NEEEEEED THERE TO BE A FULL GAME OF THIS!!  i honestly genuinely loved this, i feel i  might have played the shortest demo of it but honestly i loved this game so much :D Heres my gameplay !!!!


The developer did reply to me 12 days ago saying that Early Access will be soon and full game will be ready sometime next year!

Thats right!

the early access will be the next month ?

That is what we are aiming for. If not the next month it will be out in January!


can't wait. We're super excited!

Thank you so much ! Awesome gameplay! There will be a full game. Early access coming soon. The full game will be out on 2020!


aw thanks so much for the reply! Genuinely so excited for a full version!! I wanna make it a big thing on my channel,  everyone has their game, I think this one will be mine :D 

This game is so damn good! Even I got scared of this one, I love the graphics, the details, and definitely the creepy noises here and there. Great job, can't wait until it's complete!

Thank you so much! If this little demo scared you, the full game will be dangerous for your health! haha Thanks for the support


You're welcome X3

Yeaaah I love dangerous games lol.

This game was actually so scary lol. I wanted to stop when the game froze and just be like "oh well! Guess I'm done!". But seriously, the camera idea fit in really well here and it was terrifying. Can't wait for the full game!

Thank you so much for your playthrough! and feedback of course! Get ready for the full version! 


OH I am ready!!! Mentally, physically, emotionally! At least, I am right now until I actually load into the full game 😭😭

This game was terrifying!! You’ve nailed the horror theme 100%!! The game looks beautiful and the game audio oh my, they were so good I got me so much more scared 😰😅 super looking forward to the full release of the game!


Thank you so much! Stay tuned for more!

Any new News about this game?

New video this month

Early Access on December

Launch 2020

So cool! Will this game be on steam?

Of course !

This game has an amazing yet horrifying atmosphere... Almost quit on multiple occassions DX Might force myself to play the full versio nwhen it comes out!

This is awesome! Thank you so much Misolation! 

I loooved this demo, it's really great. Is there a link anywhere to the extended demo? I'd love to play it.

Thank you so much! Stay tuned for more in the next months! 

Here you have it!

So sorry for the late reply, I'm currently in the middle of band camp. I tried to use this key but it doesn't work, what should I do about it?

Great game.

Thank you so much !

Absolutely LOVED this demo! Is there any way to get the extended version of the demo? Cause I totally can't wait to play even more!
An easy 10/10 horror game!
Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much! As told before on the page, if you enjoyed the demo, the full game is gonna blow your mind! Thank you so much for playing!

Hi, I looooovvvveeee the demo, is it possible to download the extended demo anywhere?

Yes of course! Here you have a key to it!

Thank you so much for playing!

thank you so much

Great game my dudes definitely give it a shot. There's just one thing that bugs me, can the lock be opened?

Thank you for playing and also sharing it! 

Not in the demo, youll have to wait for the final version! Thanks again!

long time ago i played this and i still find my self coming back for more. cant wait for full release 

That means a lot to our team. Thank you so much. We have much more coming in our way!

cool game

Thank you for playing!

Super poop your pants time.. loved it.. Can't wait until the full game 😀

Thank you so much! Stay tuned for it, if this demo scared you... The game will blow your mind!

sexy gam


Thank you so much for playing it!

this was geniunly scary guys!

Thank you so much! Much more is coming! Stay tuned!

Looks and feels great. Headbob is a bit excessive but no biggie. Really love the camera effect / filter. Stuck now as I don't know what the lock code is and I've tried all sorts of stuff I've found on the back of photos and documents...any hints?

Thank you so much for playing it. The numeric lock is not unlockable in the current demo, it will in the full version of the game though. In terms of the HeadBob, dont worry, it was just our prototype character controller. Expect a more realistic one! 

Aha, that would be why! Can't wait for the final version, do you have an ETA?

Great Demo!! I need more!!

Thank you so much! You'll get more soon!

I appreciate you !!

So good! Keep going ;)


Thank you so much for playing it!

I fell in love! The elements you brought to the horror game community are simply amazing. I look forward to the full game. Amazing job devs! 

Until next time..

Thank you so much for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more!

Looks good but constantly fails to download. Is there anywhere else I can this?

Oh, sorry for that, try with this key to the extended version of the demo Thanks

Thanks - I'm actually your newest Patron and I used that link :)

Oh ! haha thank you so much!


Great game. I enjoyed myself.

Thank you so much, much more is in the wayy

Cool game


Thank you so much!

Hola, una pregunta, esta "demo" sigue siendo la misma que jugué hace más de un año, donde está la versión "extendida" o como se puede conseguir???

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¿esta traducido al español? ¿cuando saldra la versio completa?

Gracias por tu interés,el demo tiene subtítulos en español, con audio en inglés . 

A finales de este año lanzaremos la versión completa! Muchas gracias !

¡GENIAL!, estare esperando la version completa, gran juego <3

les deseo suerte con el desarrollo

ah y una pregunta mas, ¿tendra una buena optimizacion o al menos tendra para bajar la resolucion mas baja de 1280x720? es que no cuento con un buena pc para correrlo con la calidad que solo se puede jugar al juego y por eso quisiera saber

El demo publicado no tiene ningun tipo de configuracion, pero no te preocupes! El juego tendrá la maxima configuracion posible para que cada uno decida con que seteos jugar !

oooh genial eso esta mas que perfecto, esta bien gracias por responder mis preguntas y espero que MADISON sea el mejor juego de terror de este año <3

para mi ya es el mejor de este año jaja


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