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I like to see a good horror game.

Thankyou so much! Stay tuned for more, we are working really hard in order to create an awesome horror experience!


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he is a brazilian gamer and streamer! Amanzing game! I love it! 

Thankyou so much! Super fun video! Brazilian people are awesome!

Had a pretty good time playing this tbh. I can't wait for more! Keep it up! 

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Hey Doctor Salem! Thankyou so much for the gameplay! We are happy that you enjoyed it!


Congrats. Your game made it to my comedy series. Have to say that the atmosphere is really intense.. and I legit got scared  many moments. They say you can't poop your pants of fear but this game might prove it wrong.

Carefully created you can make this a hit!

Hey! Thankyou so much for featuring us on your series! It really helps us a lot! 

haha we hope to make you poop your pants many times in the future! Are you in?

Absolutely! My pack of adult dipers are waiting for a full release! :))

can you tell me the password for the little door please?

I am afraid I can not ! Maybe we post some clues in the next weeks, stay tuned!

Well this was just super! Some of the puzzles had me caught out for a while, but once I got my thick head around them this was a rollercoaster of spoops and scares!

I'm really interested to see where the story goes from here, you've built a web of intrigue with this demo. Keep up the spooktacular work!


Hey Mikey! Thankyou so much for uploading your video! It means a lot! Get ready for even spookier things in the full game!

10/10 IGN

Haha hope to make IGN even notice us! Thankyou so much for the support and the gameplay, you are awesome!


I really like the use of the camera in this game, I think to many games do the same things but this one is different, you actually have to use the camera to progress, it's not for night vision or to record your findings. I also really appreciate the fact that it's an older camera and not a camcorder, the story has me interested I want to know more about this "possessed / mind controlling" story you have with the camera, I just hope it's not as callable from the story we heard from the TV. I would hate to have heard the entire premise of the game in ten seconds, I hope it's more complex than just, why am I killing my family, or finding all the family members dead and then being like, oh no, what happened? But I look forward to seeing what you'll do with the game next, there was a lot of little things that interest me and impressed me like the head piece he said he remembered wearing, the note from the school and the picture changing to point to the door. I'm excited to see whats in the study and whats in that little creepy door in the room!! 

Hey! wow, first of all thankyou for writting all of this! It really means a lot. 

When we started the game, we knew we did not want to repeat the same thing as so many other titles, that's how our camera mechanics was born and we are really happy with the reception of the public, everyone seems to love it!

To tell you a little more about the story, believe us that there is still much to discover. The game combines two stories that plot the events that actually happen in the game, So do not worry about it, there are secrets in every corner!

Great! I look forward to seeing what other great things you'll do with the game!

This was quite good!

Very PT-esque (which isn't a bad place to start at all IMO), looked great, no bugs that I found, interesting hints at a deep story, and the 'puzzles' were relatively unique! Also, that wooden hallway? Super cool to walk down, really nice touch how it "traps" you into only looking forward.

Made a Lumps Play for it. My let's plays aren't all "OMG SCARY I'M HAVING A REACTION WATCH ME REACT AHHHH"—they're cleanly edited playthroughs with pop-up commentary. Words! Check it out, it's a lot of fun. 

You plan on finishing, ya? Please do! I'd love to play a full version. Thanks for being rad, cheers. 🍻


Hey! wow such a unique gameplays channel! Thankyou so much for featuring us! 

We are so anxious to be able to show all the content we have been working on, we will have to wait a few more months! Our plans are to announce a release date in mid-2018. Thankyou so much!


This was a rare gem in indie horror games. It felt like I was playing PT all over again, with the tension and the puzzles. Also, I hate grandfather clocks, just wanted to share that.

Thankyou so much for your feedback! We are happy you enjoyed the demo! stay tuned for more!

Um .... more ..... Lots More! ;P


Thankyou so much for playing our demo and uploading your video!

Not gonna lie, this game was really scary! 

Thankyou so much! If this seemed scary, the complete game will fascinate you!

Hahaha i can't wait for the full game!!! 

This was really good. Had some strong PT vibes and built a genuinely spooky atmosphere. The demo was scarce on Jump Scares, which is great as any game that can scare without startling gets a plus in my book.

Hey how are you? Thankyou for playing our demo! What we seek is to create terror in the atmosphere and not fill the gameplay with boring scarejumps !

You nailed it! I love tension and atmosphere horror and this was an amazing experience.

That was a great demo.  I'm definitely following this one now.  Of note, I found the voluntary wasteful consumption of a limited resource to be massively counterintuitive.  Knowing there are a limited number of films available, I didn't want to burn them up on trivia, which discouraged exploration.  Games usually strongly penalize burning up limited resources without an obvious need for them but otherwise the rest flowed pretty well.  The graphics are great, the controls are good, and it feels like it'll treat the genre with respect.  Really curious where this heads!  Can't wait for further developments!


Hey! thankyou so much for your feedback! We are working hard to make the "spot points" more intuitive. Anyway we are testing a few changes in the system of the amount of remaining film in the game! Thankyou so much for being interested in our game. It means a lot!

The game is pretty spooky and the models are amazing!

Thankyou so much! We are happy that you enjoyed it!

totally enjoyed this and cant wait for the full release great job :D greetings from germany

Hey ! wow Germany! thankyou so much for helping us to spread the word!

Enjoyed this demo! It has a huge P.T/Resident Evil 7 vibe. 

Thankyou so much! Stay tuned for more!

This looks very promising. I cannot wait to see how this game turns out. I want to play the full game now lol. 

hahah thankyou so much! You will have to wait for that! But dont worry, we are working really hard to make the best game possible!

Absolutely loved this demo! It is a gorgeous game and I loved the story behind it, the atmosphere had all the spooks and it played flawlessly.  Amazing job!

Hey! thankyou so much! receiving these encouraging comments fill us with joy! Stay tuned for more!

Loved the demo! It gave me exactly the feel that a scary game does of...I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE LETMEOUT

sorry for hiding my fear in comedy..

hahah WEWONTLETYOUOUT thankyou so much for playing it! It helps us a lot! thanks! 


This was one freaky yet awesome game! the visuals were beautiful and the sounds we perfect, definitely kept me on edge throughout! really good job on creating this! 


Hey Jay! thankyou so so so much! we are really happy that you enjoyed it! Please stay tuned for more!

Hey! you are most welcome!! :D i look forward to more from you :D

Really enjoyed the demo & excited for the full release. Great graphic, atmosphere and ambience with the sound! 

Thankyou so much! We are working so hard to make the best game possible! We are happy to see that you enjoyed it!

support these guys! Great game and i love the fibe in it! Cant wait to play the whole game! 

Thankyou so so much! "Best scary demo 2017" wow, million thanks! β™₯

you ar so welcome! I cant wait for the full release!😁

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 Better than P.T.!  

Thankyou so so so much! :D

Welp. This is why we shouldn't take pictures in dark spooky houses.

Be careful not to attract unknown beings

I try my best!

Absolutely adore what this game has to offer!. Admittedly got stuck like a pleb, But discovered a scare i haven't seen others have. I look forward to further developments!

Thats true! haha thankyou so much! we are happy to know that you liked it :D stay tuned for more!


This was a pretty interesting demo. The atmosphere was quite tense, and I'm grateful there were no cheap jumpscares or sudden deaths.  I'm  definitely piqued by the camera mechanic as well, and I hope to see more use out of it regarding puzzles and whatnot.  

Lastly, I'm very happy there was some lore provided in the demo. Demos often throw you into situations with little to no information about the world itself.  I find a good plot and interesting premise to be refreshing and an important backbone to a game itself  so I hope it'll  get fleshed out.

One question I do have is what happens if you run out of film in the actual game? I'm assuming the game provides  an option to restart the level or something. Another thing I was a bit annoyed by was how to open the doors. I had assumed using items were either automatic or you had to press E to open it. I think adding a prompt stating that  you actually have to use the mouse while interacting with it would be nice to know. Overall,  I enjoyed this despite being a coward when it comes to horror games.  

Great job! ΰΈ…/α ο½‘α†½ο½‘αŸ \

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Thankyou so much for taking your time to play it and giving us awesome feedback :D We tried to make the player feel comfortable in the story but at the same time terrified of being there! we gave the right and necessary (in terms of information about whats happening and whats happened), the story has much more to tell, but for that we will have to wait for the final version! Thank you so much for everything! 

PS: if you run out of film (in the demo) you will have to restart the game , with ESC you open the menu. But we have different plans for that in the full version of the game :D

Well wow. This was an awesome demo. Great looking game with a totally scary atmosphere and the sound effects just scares the crap out of you also. Amazing job. Can't wait to see more of this one... :)


Thankyou so much! it means a lot ! :D prepare yourself for the full game ! :D

Great start, really nice work. please just don't make it a cheap jumpscare game, you have a good start with the camera, and puzzles so keep it up. And no rule of 3s XD. 

Hey thankyou so so much! Don't worry! we won't! Soon we will be showing even more! Stay tuned!

This game is awesome and I can't wait to play more :) get atmosphere and sound! 

Thankyou so so much! for playing and uploading your gameplay! stay tuned for more !

Really fun and greatly unnerving as well. Loved the look and the audio.

I'll be hoping to see more of this.

Million thanks CJU!

Truly eerie and entertaining. I would love to play more of this game when it comes out so I'll make sure to stay up to date! Great idea you have here, it's VERRRRY spooky~!

Thankyou so much! Stay tuned for more soon! ;)

Finally a game that kept me on the edge of my seat and made me jump :D Great job with this, I can't wait for the full release :D 

Did a play through of it on my channel :) 

Thanks! we are happy that you enjoyed playing it! Thanks for making a playthrough!

Really good creepy horror game about 12 minutes of gameplay I tohught it was another inspired P.T Demo but really enjoyed it.

Thank you so much!There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that our players enjoy the game!

I try yo play the game on macOS and everything is black... except the rain drops on a glass (which probably is self-emitted as a particle fx). There is no lights in the scene. I am using the latest MacBook pro with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB graphic card, so I don't think it's my hardware's problem. Have you tested the macOS build in any macOS device? Also to run the game I had to chmod +x the executable inside the app/Content/MacOS folder, which it's name is x86. Is this a x86 mac OS build? It should be a Universal or x86_64. I don't think that apple support x86 mac devices.

Sorry for this! We are re-uploading in one hour or so. Thanks for letting us know!

No problem. As a game developer I totally get it :) Keep up the good work!

You were right, it is having a few issues. We will reupload it as soon as possible !

This game was fantastic! Check out my gameplay below if you are not sure if you want to download or not!

Jonny! Thankyou so much for playing it!

I played really fun. Thank you.
정말 재미있게 ν”Œλ ˆμ΄ ν–ˆμ–΄μš” :)

Thank you so much for playing and also spreading the word! It really means a lot!

I haven't played a horror game in a while, and I'm REALLY glad I found this one when I did! I was glad to see that there were minimal jump-scares, and that the game STILL managed to scare me. I want to learn more about Luca and about the house he lived in. And I REALLY want to figure out the combo to that little door! Thank you very much for making this game. I'm looking forward to playing the full version when it comes out. I hope you enjoy the video I made, and take the review I gave at the end to heart. Enjoy! :)

I have no words to thank you enough. Replied on Youtube. Thankyou so much 

It was a great pleasure! Thank you for your kind words! Looking forward to seeing more. :)

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